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NGOs & Non Profit

Nowadays, NGOs & Non Profit organisations need to produce impactful and engaging videos in order to communicate with their audiences. Written content is no longer a dominant form of communication—people prefer images, sounds, and moving video clips over text when given the choice.

We can help you create a better Online Video Content Strategy for your Non-profit Organisation. An awareness video is the perfect way to reach people and spread the word about your mission and vision.
That is to say, our team will help you create an engaging video that gives your audience a reason to interact with your latest campaigns. As a result, the video will lead people to donate time or money—or even just share the campaign!

Please review our NGOs & Non Profit portfolio below.

Video campaign for Four Paws Australia

The COVID19 pandemic had a devastating impact on Bali. Tourism, restaurants, and shops are closed. Some of Bali’s most vulnerable animals have been terribly impacted. They have lost their main source of food. Thousands of them are struggling to survive.
Thankfully, as part of Program Dharma and in collaboration with the Bali Animal Welfare Association, FOUR PAWS Australia is running, seven days a week, feeding programs in some of the worst affected areas.

Our work with AWID during the 13th AWID International Forum
in Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia

Feminist Realities,
Interview with Margo Okazawa-Rey

Feminist Realities,
Interview with Julia Ehrt

Our work with FES in Asia for their 2018 and 2019 campaigns: Alliances for Gender Just Climate Action & Women and the future of work.

Women and the Future of Work

Alliances for Gender Just Climate Action

Video editing for Making Oceans Plastic Free

Bali Video production house

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