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Cinematography in Bali

One picture is worth a thousand word, one video is worth a thousand pictures.


We approach filmmaking with firm roots in cinematography, creative collaboration, and narrative vision.

Our team consistently spread our enthusiasm and passion for creating visual stories. We love working with the core values of brands and defining with our clients the best story to tell to engage with their customers.

Bali Motion Media team believe that the emotional impact of the video we create is one of our main values. As a result, the viewer is touched by the story we deliver and is engaged to the message given in the video.
We are confident that the viewer’s overall feeling can drive decision-making.

Short film

You must become the hero of your own story in order to leave your depression behind.

This project is our work with Daniel Karim, the production of a short inspirational film. “Remission – My journey out of Depression” short film requires 5 days of traveling and working day and nights, capturing some of the most beautiful landscapes that Bali, the Island of Gods, has to offer.

Anamorphic look

An anamorphic lens is designed with additional glass elements that squeeze the image horizontally, allowing filmmakers to capture a wider field of view than the film or digital sensor would ordinarily allow.

In production there are typically two classes of lenses — anamorphicand spherical. Spherical lenses are the most common and project images onto a camera’s film or digital sensor without affecting their aspect ratio.

To offer a wide screen, very cinematic / film – look result, we provide shooting with cinematic lenses.

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Interested to meet our team? We are based in the busy center of Canggu.
We can come to visit your office at your request in Seminyak, Kuta, Denpasar, Ubud and Sanur.
If you are staying further, in Uluwatu or Northen Bali, we can arrange a call between your team and our.
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