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Fashion & Creative Industry

Are you the owner of a fashion brand or label in search of captivating visual content to promote your products?

Look no further than Bali Motion Media.
We specialize in various types of fashion videos, including creative films, behind-the-scenes footage, manufacturing highlights, and even a fusion of these styles. Our team is eager to collaborate with you in order to define the perfect concept for your videography project.

Tell your brand story

The visual story we create will be tailored to your specific audience, the products you wish to showcase, and the mood board of your latest collection.
Our ultimate objective, however, remains consistent: to inspire viewers and guide them toward making a purchase.

Trust us to bring your fashion vision to life through compelling videography that resonates with your target audience and drives conversions.

Fashion Video Campaign in Bali

Bali is definitely a great place to have your fashion campaign produced. Famous for its volcanic mountains, iconic beaches, and beautiful jungles, Indonesia’s resort island of Bali definitely has a lot of Natural locations for shooting.
Some of the most beautiful villas in the world are located in Bali, and location rentals are still affordable.
International model agencies are also available with talents from all over the world and with diverse skill sets.

Manufacturing video – handmade in Bali

Do you own a brand that ethically produces goods in Bali?
Do you want to showcase your talented craftsmen and demonstrate to your clients that your brand is handmade in Bali?
We’ve worked with multiple brands in the last few years for Manufacturing videos: Jewelry, Leather bags & clothing label. A Manufacturing brand video can help your company to build brand awareness and make a strong and lasting impression on potential customers/clients.

Fashion & Creative Portfolio

You would love to see more brand video portfolios? You can also visit our portfolio page.