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Bali Motion Media is a video production house based in Bali, Indonesia. We understand the growing importance of impactful and engaging videos for NGO and Corporate Organizations. In today’s digital landscape, visual content holds immense power in capturing and retaining audience attention.

With our expertise, we can assist you in developing a comprehensive Online Video Content Strategy tailored specifically for your Non-profit Organization. We recognize that an awareness video serves as a powerful tool to connect with people and amplify your mission and vision. By leveraging images, sounds, and captivating video clips, we ensure your message resonates deeply with your target audience.

Our dedicated team specializes in creating compelling videos that inspire audience engagement with your latest campaigns. From conference highlights and events to impactful campaigns and communication, we bring your ideas to life through the medium of video. Our aim is to encourage viewers to take action, whether it’s by donating their time or money or simply sharing your campaign to widen its reach.

Partner with us and unlock the potential of visually-driven communication to achieve your organization’s goals effectively.

Please review our NGO & Corporate portfolio below.

YSEALI Academy 2023 | Conference Highlight

G20 Summit – IEF | Global Energy Solutions Initiative

 Skin Theory | Ocean Preservation campaign

Video campaign for Four Paws Australia

The COVID19 pandemic had a devastating impact on Bali. Tourism, restaurants, and shops are closed. Some of Bali’s most vulnerable animals have been terribly impacted. They have lost their main source of food. Thousands of them are struggling to survive.
Thankfully, as part of Program Dharma and in collaboration with the Bali Animal Welfare Association, FOUR PAWS Australia is running, seven days a week, feeding programs in some of the worst affected areas.

AWID | 13th AWID International Forum
in Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia

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